EZ Dock for Restaurant & Retail

EZ Dock offers the ultimate on-water dining experience through several key features:

  1. Stability: EZ Dock’s design ensures stability on the water, providing a secure platform for dining. With minimal gaps in its connections, it offers a smooth surface for seating, allowing for comfortable and safe dining experiences even on wavy waters.
  2. Expandability: One of the significant advantages of EZ Dock is its modular and expandable nature. Additional dock sections can be easily added on any side, allowing for customization according to the specific needs of the dining establishment. This means that whether the demand increases or the space requirements change, EZ Dock can adapt accordingly, ensuring flexibility for business owners.
  3. Space Efficiency: By utilizing dock platforms for dining areas, EZ Dock opens up opportunities for creating dining locations in busy urban areas where space is limited and expensive. The ability to extend dining areas onto the water provides an innovative solution for maximizing space utilization and attracting customers in bustling city environments.

Overall, EZ Dock’s stability, expandability, and space efficiency combine to offer the ultimate on-water dining experience, making it an ideal choice for restaurants and eateries looking to create unique and memorable dining experiences for their customers.

Through our development with marinas to create additional forms of income, we have developed with and built multiple add on floating spaces for marinas which are then leased to small business owners for retail sales, and restaurant business. These spaces can be made to the size required for each case, with limited reduction in docking spaces for massive square footage increase.

Marinas will often discover the income potential from waterfront business or floating restaurant such as this can often exceed the income developed from docking spaces in 10x the space of the on water business.

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