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About the location:

Midshore Construction, headquartered in the scenic coastal city of St. John’s, Newfoundland, is a premier provider of marine construction and maintenance services. Renowned for its unwavering dedication to quality and efficiency, Midshore Construction has established itself as a leader in the industry.

At the heart of Midshore Construction’s offerings is its expertise in wharf building and maintenance. Whether it’s the construction of brand new wharves or the meticulous upkeep of existing structures, the company’s skilled team ensures that each project is completed to the highest standards. From initial design and engineering to precise installation and ongoing maintenance, Midshore Construction delivers tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of every client.

In addition to its wharf services, Midshore Construction is a trusted distributor and installer of EZ Dock products. With a comprehensive range of EZ Dock solutions available, the company provides clients with durable and versatile docking systems that are ideal for various waterfront applications. From sales consultations to seamless installation and reliable servicing, Midshore Construction offers end-to-end support to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.

Furthermore, Midshore Construction specializes in mooring solutions, offering innovative systems designed to securely anchor vessels in place. With a keen understanding of the challenges posed by marine environments, the company delivers reliable mooring solutions that prioritize the safety and protection of boats and watercraft.

Moreover, Midshore Construction offers comprehensive services related to marina construction and maintenance. Whether it involves the development of new marinas or the ongoing care of existing facilities, the company leverages its expertise and advanced techniques to create functional and aesthetically pleasing marina environments.

Committed to excellence and driven by a passion for customer satisfaction, Midshore Construction is the preferred partner for all marine construction and maintenance needs in St. John’s, Newfoundland. With a reputation for professionalism and integrity, clients can trust Midshore Construction to deliver top-quality services that exceed expectations.

Services Offered:

  • Dock Installation, Removal, and Storage.
  • EZ Dock, Ports, Launches, Lifts and Gangways.
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