EZ Dock for Marinas

Elevate your marina waterfront experience to unparalleled heights with EZ Dock’s cutting-edge polyethylene Floating Docks. Meticulously engineered for excellence, our Floating Docks set the gold standard in terms of performance, resilience, and maintenance simplicity, making them the top choice for avid water aficionados and property owners alike.

A hallmark of our Floating Docks is their unparalleled construction quality. Crafted with extra-thick walls and a distinct pylon configuration, so that the docks are not just durability but also have unwavering stability. This innovative construction enables our Floating Docks to seamlessly adjust to fluctuating water levels, guaranteeing a steady and dependable experience, even amidst challenging water conditions.

Marina Testimonial

“I would like express how pleased we
are with the EZ Dock system install at
Bedford Basin Yacht Club several years
ago. We have found that they are
extremely durable, low maintenance
and very stable. The EZ Dock system
allows for easy expansion if a marina
requires more berths or if you have a
private dock and need to lengthen
your slip. We have expanded our
marina three times since the initial
installation. Maintaining the EZ Dock
system is a breeze compared to a
wooden structure. They are extremely
durable and for the most part they still
look like new after about 7 years of
use. I would recommend EZ Dock to
anyone considering installing a dock or
marina system. We would be happy to
share our experiences to anyone who
is considering a purchase.
-David Clark
Commodore Bedford Basin Yacht Club

Prioritizing user safety, our Floating Docks feature a slip-resistant surface, instilling confidence with every step and ensuring that your time on the dock is both safe and pleasurable. Moreover, the minimal upkeep requirements of our docks translate to more moments savored on the water and less time invested in maintenance hassles.

EZ Dock Marina

Whether your objective is to amplify the appeal of your waterfront property, establish a hassle-free docking solution for your vessel, or enrich your aquatic endeavors, EZ Dock‘s Floating Docks deliver unmatched versatility and performance. Make a wise investment in enduring quality, unparalleled durability, and tranquil waterside experiences with our premier Floating Docks. Experience the EZ Dock difference today.

EZ Dock also provides value add options for marina options such as PWC ports at the end of each finger, replacement of fingers with boatport options, and more. Through these options we can increase income potential within the same area by 33% or more. These options do not inhibit the use of the marina as it is, but simply add on to the existing potential of the system.

Value Add Options

PWC Port

PWC Ports such as the EZ Port 2i can be easily added to the end of and 60″ wide finger. These ports increase the total potential of each finger from two boats to two boats and one PWC. This increase in income potential has few limitations, and PWC slips are generally in high demand.

Dock Box

The EZ dock dock box is a simple add on where one can be added to each side of a finger. These boxes add stability to the finger, while also providing a lockable storage area for the client. These boxes are suitable to keep boat fenders, dock lines, life jackets and more!


Boat ports can be used in place of existing finger installations. Boat ports range in width from 6ft 6in to 10ft wide. A standard finger space is 15′ wide per boat to accommodate boats with fenders and gaps to allow for docking. When boats are driven onto a Boat port they do not require these sizes of gaps and as such you can accommodate a boat within 10′ of space, allowing an extra boat for every two boat ports.

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