Helix Mooring Medium

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We have added to our anchoring solution the Helix mooring system

Helical anchors are some of the easiest systems for DIY, as they are lightweight, high holding, and can be installed by hand. When considering a Helix in comparison to a concrete mooring you must consider the bottom composition. Helix Moorings are best used in mud and clay but can also be used in sand, seagrass, and silt. The bottom composition will greatly determine what the holding capacity of your mooring will be.  To install a Helix mooring at your location will require divers or heavy equipment unless the mooring can be installed by hand at low tide.

Model #   Helical Disk Dimensions (inches) Shaft Diameter (inches) Shaft Length (inches) Soil/Bottom Condition Approx. Break-out Force DIY?
H0848   8″ 1″ 48″ Firm Sand Clay Mix 2500 lbs. yes