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Would you like to view our catalogs? Have you lost or misplaced your Dock Installation guide? Literature for most of our dock and boat and PWC lift products is available for download below. Please click on the link to save the manual to your computer and/or print it out.

The innovative design of our modular, floating dock sections and boat and PWC lifts makes them easy to install with a few tools and a little time. In addition, EZ Dock’s product owner’s manuals can help with any questions.

Deadweight and Chain Installation guide

Installing EZ Docks with Deadweights and chain anchors is one of the most secure anchoring methods where current, and wave action is a concern. Once the anchors are placed on location installation, adjustment, and removal are easy with the simple keyhole design on our anchor brackets. The chains are pulled through the brackets, and adjusted to suit the dock’s desired location for installation. Upon removal chains are removed, and attached to the other chains, or a lift line to allow for easy retrieval in the spring.

Pipe and Auger Installation guide

EZ Dock Pipe and auger systems are easily installed in areas with limited depth, and soft subsoil where the auger system can penetrate and hold the dock in place. Docks anchored with pipes generally must be removed in the winter, which offers the unique opportunity to move the dock to a new location or adjust the design as needed. To anchor the pipes, simply lower them to the bottom, and spin the auger into place.

The EZ Dock Installation Guide provides all users the information required to install their own dock anywhere, anytime. in addition to this we also provide support via our staff at East Coast Docks and through our dealers. We are available to help you understand the Dock Installation Guide, and give you some tips/tricks to make your dock EZ.

If you have further concerns about your dock system or lift, you can always contact us or call us directly at 877-326-9447

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